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The common currency is currently range-bounded in the 1.1625 – 1.1560 area with the market closing at the top of the range on Tuesday 18th June 2018. Price is expected to bounce to the 1.1715 area but this is yet to happen due to lack of catalyst that will give the currency pair a fresh impetus.

The main focus tomorrow will be the European Central Bank President Draghi’s speech on the macroeconomic calendar.

To the upside, the 1.1651 area is to be watched as a strong break above this level will signal more bullish correction of the pair to the 1.1715 area. A strong break below the 1.1585 area will signal a bearish move of the pair to the 1.1515 area.

eurusd trade idea
eurusd chart

Caution: Forex trading is risky. It is advisable that you acquire enough experience before you start to trade with real money. Do not invest in money that you cannot afford to lose (it is important that you study leverage, lot size, and money management in Forex trading very well before you execute your trade decision).

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