The Best Session for V75

This article will explain what the best session for Volatility 75 Index is, and how traders can trade in that very session.

Volatility 75 Index is one of the Indices available on Deriv dot com and it can be traded round the clock.

You can trade V75 on weekends, and during public or National holidays.

Most V75 traders usually stare on their personal computer or mobile device screen for hours hoping to find good setups.

However, you may find good V75 setups when you trade during the right session.

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Best Time To Trade Volatility Index 75


What is a Session?

A session is a trading period when traders of a particular geographical zone are mostly active.

We have three sessions and they are:

  1. Asian session
  2. London session (or European session)
  3. Newyork session (or North American session).

You will agree with me that Volatility 75 Index trading is not affected by News unlike the Forex currency counterparts.

About V75 Algorithm:

Let’s digress a bit.

The question that sometimes come to Volatility 75 Index traders’ mind may be:

If Volatility 75 Index is not influenced by Economic News or data, then what moves price?

V75 price is predominantly moved by algorithm.

Moreover, it (algorithm) is a list of instructions programmed on a computer to influence an event.

Algorithm is a process or a set of rules defined on a computer system to influence price movement of an index or asset over a period of time.

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However, V75 algorithm is a computer program that computes and calculate many variables and factors such as:

  1. Volume of active trades
  2. time of running trades
  3. number of losing trades
  4. number of winning trades
  5. total amount of traders money currently Buying V75,
  6. total amount of positions currently Selling V75,
  7. which position have most of the active traders on? Are they all Buying or Selling?

However, some other factors are considered by the system algorithm.

In a session, if most traders have Sell positions (trades), algorithm may decide to push price up.

On the other hand, if most traders at any particular time have Buy positions, the algorithm may decide to push price lower.

In essence, Volatility 75 Index traders are basically trading against the algorithm.



Going back to the topic of this article, the most quiet and calm session is the Asian session.

Trading V75 during the Asian session is very profitable, I can assure you.

Reason is, less traders are online during the Asian session.

Especially around 00:00 GMT to 04:00 GMT, V75 price tend to move in one direction most of the time.

There are little or no Range or price consolidation during this time of the day.

Moreover, a new Daily candle bar usually start it’s formation at the early part of the Asian session.

At times, if the previous day candle bar is Bullish, price slides non-stop at the start/during the Asian session.

Asian session traders are usually happy to Sell or Buy the Retracement or Reversal of Previous Day price move.


The London session is usually characterized with sharp increase in trading Volume and number of traders.

This is the most active session followed by the Newyork session.

The early London session is usually known for lots of Fake-outs and manipulative price movement.

V75 Price direction is usually clear/defined midway in the London session between 09:00 GMT and 12:00 GMT.


Basically, the Newyork session is characterized by rapid price movement and trade volume increases during Newyork session.

Actual price direction occurs in the Newyork session.

A Bearish Daily candle normally changes to Bullish candle most of the time during the Newyork session.

On the other hand, a Bullish Daily candle may easily change to Bearish candle as the trading day ends.

Technical Perspective:

If you look at it technically, Volatility index 75 price reacts mostly at points of Support and Resistance.

V75 price also reacts at other zones such as previous Day Pivot point, previous Day High and Previous Day Low price.

The best session to trade Volatility Index 75 is when price reacts to the levels mentioned above.

You may also find Sniper trade entries during Inter-session-change-over periods.

However, these periods are when Asian session closes and London session starts.

Another period is midway into London session when Newyork session opens.

Lastly, the best period is when Newyork session closes and Asian session opens.




Best Time To Trade VIX 75 in South Africa:

Basically, it is common knowledge that the Time Zone in South Africa is GMT+2.

These are the best time to trade VIX 75:

23:00 GMT or 1:00 am South African time.

11:00 GMT or 1:00 pm South African time.



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