Beanfxtrader Forex Market Review The Beanfxtrader Forex market review page will give readers analysis, forecast and signals on Forex currency pairs with a focus on some of the published strategies in this blog.   BTC: 3Lrsk2Qzmoi1w1MwHvUL5ooqUJKbKUUvUz For your Bitcoin Transactions, think LUNO … hit the link to sign up […]


RET40-Pips Strategy The RET40-Pips strategy is a simple trading strategy that some Forex traders use on a daily basis. For this strategy, the currency pair price is expected to move more than 40 pips away from the day’s open price. Price retracement may occur at this point where some pips […]

Bollinger Bands and Scalping Strategy

Bollinger Bands (technical analysis tools) are created by John Bollinger and used to measure market volatility (sometimes used for scalping strategy) because they adjust to market conditions. Traders use the bands to confirm trends, market range top, and bottom. Bollinger bands can confirm the range of price action and they […]