BeanFX Newbies’ Page

BeanFX Newbies’ Page BeanFX Newbies page will guide new or inexperienced traders on how to trade on Meta Trader 5 application for the very first time. Many people are completely new to trading Forex and Indices. Sometimes, they ask questions like “how do you do it?” “What do you click […]

BeanFX Trading Career Opportunities

BeanFX Trading Career Opportunities The BeanFX Trading Career Opportunities article will be an eye-opener to traders as regards other activities they can do aside trading. Forex is the largest market in the world, with more than $1.9 trillion traded everyday. Forex Trading is not for everyone. This is because, no […]

Why V-75 Traders Fail

Why V-75 Traders Fail “Why Do V-75 Traders Fail?” should be the number one question every Newbie (new or inexperienced trader) should ask before trading Volatility Index 75. There are numerous reasons why Volatility Index 75 (V-75) traders fail in their attempt to make (consistent) profit. Some of these reasons […]

BeanFXTrader Mentorship Page

BeanFXTrader Mentorship Page BeanFXTrader Mentorship Page will guide new traders on how to be better in their trading career. First of all, new or potential traders must have it in mind that Trading Forex, commodities or indices is risky and the amount invested may be lost. This is the main […]

Best Time To Trade Volatility Index 75

Best Time To Trade Volatility Index 75 The best time to trade Volatility Index 75 is usually what V 75 traders should wait for in order to make consistent profit. Many traders enter trade positions at the wrong time and this usually lead to account loss (eventually blowing of the […]

How To Setup Indicators On MT5

How To Setup Indicators On MT5 This article will guide new traders on how to setup indicators on the MT5 application. Some traders use Indicators on the MT5 app for trading and analysis while others use price action. However, new traders or newbies sometimes find the process of setting up […]

Three White Soldiers

Three White Soldiers: The three white soldiers candlestick pattern is one of the bullish patterns that can be used either as a bullish reversal signal or bullish impulsive price continuation confirmation. The three White Soldiers’ candlestick formation consists of three bullish candles with each candle closing higher than the previous candle. These […]


Flag Patterns Flag patterns are trend continuation patterns traders use for technical analysis and future price movement prediction. They are created mostly when the market price is ranging or in consolidation mode. Flags signify the continuation of the immediate market trend. However, we have two types of flag patterns and […]

Just Another Forex Trading Story

Just Another Forex Trading Story: Basically, a trader was once a beginner at some point in his/her trading life. ‘Forex trading is risky, it is like gambling’ are the words one is likely to hear from someone who does not know anything about this business. However, Forex trading story does […]

Trendline Breakout Strategy

Trendline Breakout Strategy TBS This strategy is a fantastic strategy that is commonly used in forex trading by experienced traders. Trendlines are lines drawn to connect two or more price wave turning points on a chart especially when a trend is formed. It is an important tool for Forex technical analysis […]