XAUUSD Pivot 17th May 2021

XAUUSD Pivot 17th May 2021 This page will show followers daily XAUUSD forecast on the pivot point for Gold, and how price may move for the day. The 4 hour time frame will be our focus for today’s pivot analysis for XAUUSD. XAUUSD 4HR TF: Gold price closed on the […]

How To Setup Indicators On MT5

How To Setup Indicators On MT5 This article will guide new traders on how to setup indicators on the MT5 application. Some traders use Indicators on the MT5 app for trading and analysis while others use price action. However, new traders or newbies sometimes find the process of setting up […]

EMA-Bollinger Band Strategy For Mobile

EMA-Bollinger Band Strategy For Mobile This strategy combines three Meta Trader indicators in order to determine trade entry and exit signals on Moblie MT4 app. The indicators are 1. Moving Averages (Exponential Moving Averages EMAs and Simple Moving Average SMA) and 2. Awesome Oscillator and 3. Bollinger Bands. Find below the […]

The MetaTrader Platform: Forex Traders’ Office

The MetaTrader Platform MetaTrader (MT) is the application or platform that most traders use when trading in the Forex market. Traders normally obtain MT login details after signing up with a Forex Broker. Basically, traders usually download the application online or from a broker’s website. However, we have MT4 and […]