BeanFX Boom And Crash Scalper 2

BeanFX Boom and Crash Scalper 2 will assist Boom and Crash traders on how to scalp quick profits when trading Boom and Crash index. This strategy is a combination of two common Meta Trader 5 indicators.

The indicators are Moving averages and Bollinger Bands. The ideal time frame that traders can use for this strategy is the 15 mins time frame. (Please try this strategy on a demo account before going live).


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How To Setup The Indicators


Two moving averages and Bollinger Bands indicators are installed on the main MT5 window with the following settings:

Main Window




To read the indicators on your MT5 chart, zoom out the chart completely.


Trend Identification:

When both the Red Simple moving average and Purple Bollinger Bands cross up above the Blue moving average, this means price is trending up.

Price is trending down if both the Red Simple moving average and Purple Bollinger Bands cross down below the Blue moving average.


When to Buy or Sell:

In an uptrend, BUY when price forms higher highs above both the Red Moving Average and Purple Bollinger Bands.

On the other hand, in a downtrend, SELL when price forms lower lows below both the Red Moving Average and Purple Bollinger Bands.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels:

When buying Boom and Crash Indexes, set your take profit at the nearest resistance. However, Boom and Crash profit can booked on a Buy position at the point when a sell signal occurs.

Stop loss for the buy trades may be placed below the recent support or swing low.

For sell trades, traders can take profit at the nearest support. However, try to take profit on short positions near the point when a buy signal shows up.

Stop loss for the short positions can be placed above the recent swing high or resistance.


CRASH 1000 15 MINS TIME FRAME 14 MAR 2020 13:05 GMT








BTC: 3Lrsk2Qzmoi1w1MwHvUL5ooqUJKbKUUvUz



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