BeanFX Trading Career Opportunities

The BeanFX Trading Career Opportunities article will be an eye-opener to traders as regards other activities they can do aside trading.

Forex is the largest market in the world, with more than $1.9 trillion traded everyday.



Forex Trading is not for everyone. This is because, no one can actually predict where the market is going.

However, there are quite a number of lucrative opportunities available out there that relates to Forex trading.



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Available Opportunities:

The following are ways you can can generate active or passive income (note: you need to put some level of hard work into any of the under-listed, as nothing comes easy);

Personal Trading:

You may decide to trade by yourself. With the right trading skills, one can make a descent living from Forex Trading.

However, trading comes with it’s risk.



You may be an investor. This implies that you will bring your money to the table while a professional trader will handle the trading aspect for you.

Profit sharing and other modalities will be discussed by both parties.

Account Manager/Professional Trader/Institutional Trader:

These set of people make trade decisions based on client’s goal and risk tolerance.

As an account manager, you will handle the trading activity on behalf of the investors.

Trade Signal Service:

If you are good at Forex analysis or 75% of your predictions come true, you may decide to offer signal service at a fee.

This offer may go to traders who might have been following your work for some time.

You can connect with your clients through social media platforms such as Facebook, telegram,                  whatsapp, Instagram, twitter e.t.c

Forex Analyst/Currency Strategist:

Analysts are saddled with the responsibility of providing webinars and seminars for Broker’s clients.

He establishes his media presence to consumers over a period of time in order to promote his                 employer (Broker).

Blogging on Forex/Forex Website:

A blog allows you to share your opinion and be heard.

Writing a blog on Forex or running a Forex website is a means through which Forex Analysts/Strategist establish their media presence.

Connecting with advertisers (for example, Google Adsense) will also fetch you passive income through your blog/website.


Mobile App Development/Sales:

It is good to connect with one’s audience especially when they are mobile.

There are lots of Forex apps on Google Play store. You can developing a unique app on Forex signals service that your audience can buy into.


Forex mentors are professionals with years of experience who are able train traders in a way that will bring new traders up to speed with good ideas and better ways to trade.


Hosting a Forex seminar, running a Forex workshop or training people on how to trade Forex is one of the ways through which Forex Experts/Analysts get new clients or investors.


Hosting a Youtube channel on Forex is synonymous to having a Forex blog. You can easily connect with your followers on Youtube.

You can easily monetize your Youtube channel if you have increasing number of views, likes or subscriptions on your Youtube videos.

Social Media Advertising:

You can run paid adverts on your social media Forex group, if you are able to create and run one successfully.

Forex Expert Advisor/Robot/Indicator Coding/Sales:

Learning how to code Expert Advisors or indicators is the next level for every experienced Trader.

There are amazing money-making EAs and indicators out there, but the problem is, they are not cheap.



You can set up your own Brokerage Company. This is not a cheap venture.

Hit this link if you wish to know more about what it takes to open your own Brokerage firm

Introducing Broker Partnership:

You can opt to be an Introducing Broker. As an IB, you will be referring clients to your Broker.

The more the number of clients you are able to refer, the more the commissions you will receive.

Forex Online Library:

Having or running an online Library on telegram where traders can easily access video tutorials or Forex trading materials (e-books) will not be a bad idea.

Article/Books Write-up/Sales:

Writing books/articles/e-books on Forex trading is also a way of sharing ones idea or opinion to readers/followers.



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