BeanFX V75 Push-Pull-Push Strategy

BeanFX V75 Push-Pull-Push Strategy is a simple strategy that can be used to trade Volatility index 75.

For this strategy, only one indicator- Moving Average 35 (Linear Weighted, and applied to Close) is loaded on the chart.



Traders can use this strategy on any time frame. However, 1 hour time will be more ideal.

(You can use Volatility Index 75 Scalper, Scalper 2, Scalper 3, Scalper 4, Mulilo, Iyanu and Zuri strategy for scalping V75).

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How it works

The 35 moving average line is the divide between the uptrend or downtrend. When price cross up and closes above the black line, uptrend price movement is expected to commence at that point.

However, when price cross down and closes below the black line, we may see downtrend price movement.

There are times when the Bulls and the Bears engage in a “push and pull” struggle for price control. Users of this strategy will only wait patiently till the battle is over before joining the winning side.

It is important for one to wait for the completion of the “push-pull-push” struggle between the Bulls and Bears before entering a trade.

When To Buy

Buyers will buy when price is above the black line and also when the “push and pull” battle is over. Three Bullish-Bearish-Bullish candlesticks are formed and buy order is opened at the the closing price of the second bullish candle.

Profit target will be equals to the overall height (in pips) of the three candles.



When To Sell

Sellers will sell when price is below the black line and also when the “push and pull” battle is over. Three Bearish-Bullish-Bearish candlesticks are formed and sell order is opened at the the closing price of the second bearish candle.

Profit target will be equals to the overall depth (in pips) of the three candles.








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      1. I have been studying different strategies over two years now and even tho they look awesome, but I am yet to be making wins from tradings, as a matter of fact dye to several accounts blown, am now scared of trading, I will love to have a tutor like you sir, I believe I will make something out of relationship with you sir, God bless you for all these free working strategies you are posting, looking forward to your reply sir.

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