The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Forex Order Blocks

Order blocks in Forex trading can be defined as candlestick areas on a price chart where significant buying or selling activity has occurred, creating a “block” of orders.

These blocks form support or resistance levels in future price movements when it comes to technical analysis of price.

Price action strategy traders make use of Order Blocks analysis more often to determine Point of Interest on the chart.


understanding forex order blocks

Understanding Forex Order blocks in currency trading is important to traders when analyzing price of a currency pair.

The Forex market irregular price advancement in recent times is noticeable due to the deployment of algorithmic enhancement to further manipulate price.

How Forex Order Blocks work

Basically, understanding how forex order blocks work can help traders identify potential entry and exit points on the price chart.

As traders place orders to buy or sell currency pairs, those orders are usually executed at specific price levels.

However, as these orders accumulate, they create areas of congestion or consolidation on the chart, forming what is known as an order block.

Ultimate guide to understanding Forex Order Blocks

These blocks can be identified by looking for areas of price congestion where there is a cluster of candles that have a similar high or low point.

The moment an order block is identified, traders can use it as a reference point for future price movements.

For instance, if price approaches a previously established order block from above, it is likely to encounter resistance and slide down.

Ultimate guide to understanding Forex Order Blocks

order block identification 1

Conversely, if price approaches an order block from below, it is likely to find support and rise back up.

Traders can use order blocks to place buy or sell orders at key levels in the market.

By placing an order at an order block, traders can take advantage of the expected bounce in price and potentially profit from the market movement.

Ultimate guide to understanding Forex Order Blocks

order block identification

In summary, forex order blocks are significant levels on a forex chart where buying or selling activity has occurred.

They can act as support or resistance and provide traders with potential entry and exit points in the market.

By understanding how order blocks work, traders can make more informed trading decisions and potentially increase their profits.

How To Identify Forex Order Blocks

Identifying forex order blocks is key for Price Action strategy traders.

Here are some simple steps to identify forex order blocks on the price chart:

  1. Check for areas of consolidation or Range on the Price chart:  These areas can indicate that there is a significant amount of buying or selling pressure at that level.
  2. Search for clear rejections: Look for clear rejections at these Range areas to identify potential order blocks.
  3. Use volume analysis: Higher volumes at a particular price level usually indicate that there is significant buying or selling pressure at that level.
  4. Use multiple timeframes: Analyzing with multiple timeframes helps in identifying order blocks accurately. This allows you to see how price has behaved at that level over a more extended period.

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