Can you IMAGINE if, for $99.9, you could purchase a piece of software that AUTOMATICALLY trades on the Forex Market for you with 99% Accuracy.

IMAGINE if you earn on a monthly basis 3%-4% per MONTH compound interest on your account balance.

If you really dont have time to trade, but you have minimum $19.90 in btc right now, you can sign up with CAPITAL to make profit of one percent daily increase on your account balance, (my Referrer Reference number is IB164050) their trading bot will trade for you and you will see your balance grow daily …

All you need is a minimum one-time investment of $19.9 and about an hour of your time!

IF someone invited you to this opportunity, ask them for their referral link!
– OR –
If you are interested in joining the Team Money Makers Team, we’d LOVE to have you join our team!

• $9.90 one time fee for the is all you need today!

• The Broker Regulated & Fully compliant

3%-4% gains a month

• Bot executes trades 3-4 times a day, and it is FULLY AUTOMATED, you do not have to do anything.

• 80/20 profit split is done weekly

• 20% Security hold for sustainability gradually releases in 90 days!

Bot trades Gold & Forex pairs

• The minimum deposit requirement is $10 for Genius Bot.

• License only $9.9 to use on your account at our broker.

0% peak Drawdown so far

Check Out

Support and Resistance



Introducing The Beandicator Signal!

Introducing the Pips-Beantrapper Indicator!

Bollinger Bands and Scalping Strategy

(Deriv dot com is the only broker that has Volatility Index 75).

Sign up via this link to open V-75 Index trading account… Contact Ducoy on telegram for free account opening assistance

SPECIAL OFFER: If you register/open binary account via the referral link, daily profitable signals await you as soon as you fund the account (minimum amount to fund is $50 for 0.001 lot).


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