The aim of this article is to introduce you to another investment opportunity with Online Shopping Order Processing Platform.

First of all, like I always do, I must warn you that no matter what, do not investment an amount you can not afford to lose!

Investing in online business is what is trending currently and there are many out there that you can benefit from.


However, investing with  Platform is no longer a way of investing in an online business.

Why did I make the above statement?

The reason is,  Platform has failed to deliver to its employees.

Sign up/Login:

You can sign up/login with your User ID and password created by you on your mobile device web browser.


Technically,  platform tabs are divided into four section; Home, Order, Red Wheel, Online and My.

Red Wheel:

You will grab one hundred shopping orders daily at the Red Wheel section once your account is funded with 100 USDT TRC20.

Daily Task at the Red Wheel:

The daily task will take you just around five to ten minutes of your time.

It is advisable that you perform the dialy task on your mobile device browser.

Basically, you click on the Red Wheel as soon your account is funded with 100 USDT, and this takes you to the Grab page.

The next step is to click on the “Grab” button in the middle of the Grab rectangular wheel.

A rotational movement of the Grabbed order takes place for some seconds.

Afterwards, a pop up window displays the shopping order.

Click “Submit” and the first order is will be completed.

Repeat this action ninety-nine more times till your daily task is completed.

If the Grab wheel spin is not spinning at a fast speed, try refreshing the browser page.





The means of funding/deposit to your investment account with  Platform is strictly via Crypto currency wallet (USDT TRC20).

Means of withdrawal is also via Crypto currency wallet (USDT TRC20).

One thing I have noticed with withdrawal is, you can no longer withdraw anytime.

It takes between twenty four to ninety two hours for your wallet to get credited in the past.

Moreover, the minimum recommended equity required for you to start trading is 100 USDT.

With the 100 USDT package, you will receive daily profit of 9% to 10% in the past after completing the day’s task (your account increases by 9 USD or 10 USDT daily).

You may setup your own referral/affiliate network as you earn on your investment with Joomcat so that you can earn more!

You get sixteen percent commission for directly inviting users.

Lastly, I must warn you that no matter what, do not investment an amount you can not afford to lose!

Just in case you want to sign up and start earning (my referral code is LCPAFV), click this link.


To fund your  account, you will need to create an account with a Crypto Exchange account first.

Examples of Crypto Exhange Platforms where you can create your crypto account are Remitano, Binance and many others.

USDT TRC20 is the Crypto asset that you need to fund your Joomcat account with.

Basically, you can get USDT TRC20 through following :

1. Purchase USDT TRC20 with any FIAT currency relating to your Country or Location on the Crypto Exchange platform,

2. Swap other Crypto Assets (such as Bitcoin, Etherum and so on) to USDT TRC20 on the Crypto Exchange platform.

I will use Remitano as an example (you may sign up with Remitano using this referral link

How to Purchase USDT TRC20 on Remitano Exchange Platform

Firstly, you need to sign up with Remitano. Use this link to sign up

You need to purchase FIAT currency after signing up and completing your second level verification on Remitano.

However, as soon as you have purchased your FIAT currency, afterwards you can convert the FIAT currency to USDT TRC20 on Remitano.

To purchase FIAT currency, do the following steps:

1. Go to Wallet


2. Click SWAP for USDT



3. Click USDT tab




4. On the Swap from page, scroll down to FIAT currency section



5. Choose any FIAT currency related to your country




6. Select and buy the FIAT currency and swap the amount bought to USDT TRC20

Now that you have USDT TRC20, you can proceed to transfer the funds to you Joomcat account through the Recharge Wallet address.

It will be required of you to provide your TXID or Transaction Hash address, and a screen shot of your payment must also be uploaded.



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