Leverage in Forex Trading Explained

What is Leverage? Leverage is when a trader has the ability to use a small capital to execute a large volume of trades in the forex market. Leverage is the ratio of the trade size compared to the capital invested. For example, a leverage of ratio 50:1 means $200 of […]

Recommended Forex News Websites

Forex News A forex trader needs a forex website where he or she can check for forex news, updates, tools, and analysis. Forex websites are regularly checked for updates that that guides traders with Fundamental analysis. Basically, a forex website must be able to give online┬áreal-time updates on market data, […]

Forex Market: Introduction to Forex Trading

Forex Market and Participants The Foreign exchange (FX) market is an exciting market with participants that cuts across the globe. It is the largest market in the world and it accounts for over four trillion dollars traded every day. However, the participants in the Forex Market include Central Banks and […]