Leverage in Forex Trading Explained

What is Leverage? Leverage is when a trader has the ability to use a small capital to execute a large volume of trades in the forex market. Leverage is the ratio of the trade size compared to the capital invested. For example, a leverage of ratio 50:1 means $200 of […]

Recommended Forex News Websites

Forex News A forex trader needs a forex website where he or she can check for forex news, updates, tools, and analysis. Forex websites are regularly checked for updates that that guides traders with Fundamental analysis. Basically, a forex website must be able to give online┬áreal-time updates on market data, […]

Forex Market: Introduction to Forex Trading

Forex Market and Participants The Foreign exchange (FX) market is an exciting market with participants that cuts across the globe. Foreign Exchange (FX) market captivates a global audience with its dynamic nature. Its appeal is rooted in diverse global participation, nurturing a lively ecosystem comprising traders, institutions, and investors. This […]