Margin in Forex Trading Explained

What is Margin? Margin trading in forex is trading with a loan borrowed (short-term loan) from a broker to control large positions on a currency pair. A margin is the amount of money a broker will put aside to keep investor’s trading position(s) open. However, it simply magnifies the amount […]

Forex Hedge Explained

What is Forex Hedge? Hedging is when a trade is placed by a forex trader to protect an existing or losing trade. It is carried out in forex trading to protect one’s position from a sudden currency price move in the forex market. Hedging involves, placing both long and short […]

Choosing the right lot size for Forex Trading

Lot Size in Forex Many amateur traders are unable to manage their risk properly especially when they select the wrong lot size for their Forex trades. One of the reasons why a new trader will lose a great percentage of the trading capital is because of the wrong choice of […]

Risk Management in Forex Trading

Risk Exist Everywhere There is a level of risk in any business. Level of risk differs from one business to another. You should understand that there is risk involved in Forex trading. It is advisable that you acquire enough experience before you start to trade with real money. Engaging in […]