How to trade (Part) 9

How To Trade (Part 9) “How To Trade (Part 9)” is the ninth strategy publication series on how traders can trade Forex or Volatility Index on the mobile Meta Trader application. However, this ninth series on how to trade Forex or Volatility Index is also indicator based just like the […]

Scalping Strategy

Scalping Strategy Scalping is a trading method that involves analyzing and forecasting price movements in order to place profitable short trades. The aim is to make small profits within few seconds or minutes at any session within a trading day. Scalping is risky. Some trading systems may not be appropriate […]

Forex Hedge Explained

What is Forex Hedge? Hedging is when a trade is placed by a forex trader to protect an existing or losing trade. It is carried out in forex trading to protect one’s position from a sudden currency price move in the forex market. Hedging involves, placing both long and short […]

Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading

Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Analysis is a very important tool that professional traders use in Forex trading. It is the careful study of the economic, political, fiscal and social factors that affect the value of the currency of a country. However, the general economic outlook of the country related to the currency […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Forex Trading

Rules that Guide Traders There are rules to forex trading that must be strictly adhered to if one is to be a successful trader and these are; -View Forex trading as a business: Don’t see forex trading as a game, betting or gamble. See it as a skilled business that […]