How To Trade (Part 5)

“How To Trade (Part 5)” is the fifth strategy series on how traders can trade Forex or Volatility Index on the mobile Meta Trader app.

However, this very strategy is indicator based and traders can load the settings on the Personal Computer as well as on the mobile device.

Basically, this strategy works on all time frames (especially from 1 minute to Daily time frame). You can use this strategy to trade XAUUSD, NASDAQ 100, Step Index, Boom and Crash index.

This strategy is good for scalping profits on smaller time frames (1 minute to 1 hour time frames).

It is also good for trend following on higher time frames.




How To Trade Forex or VIX Part 5




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200 ema and 5 ema

Load 200 Exponential Moving Average (Blue color) and 5 Exponential Moving Average (Red color)
on both chart windows.

How It Works:

Basically,  this strategy is very simple.

The first step is to divide your Meta Trader 5 chart window into two windows.

For Upper window, select 15 minutes time frame, for Lower window, select 1 minute time frame.

Image of How To divide MT5 WINDOW into two

Image of how to divide MT5 window into two



Technically, you determine your trend bias on the Upper Chart Window (15 minutes time frame).

On the Lower window (1 minute time frame), you determine your trade entry trigger.

Whenever the Red line on the upper window cross down on the Blue line, you will have Bearish trend bias.

On the other hand, if the Red line on the upper window cross above the Blue line, you will have a Bullish trend bias.

As soon as you confirm the trend bias, wait for the same type of cross to happen on the Lower window (1 minute time frame).

In a Bearish trend, if the Red line on the lower window cross down on the Blue line, you will have a SELL signal.

On the other hand, in a Bullish trend, if the Red line on the lower window cross above the Blue line, you will have a Buy signal.

Bearish trend and Sell signal


CRASH 1000

How to trade Part 5, Buy entry trigger point


Time Frame Combination:

It is best to combine time frames in any of the following order;

1 minute time frame & 15 minutes time frame.

5 minutes time frame & 30 minutes time frame.

15 minutes time frame & 1 hour time frame.

30 minutes time frame & 4 hour time frame.

1 hour time frame & Daily time frame.

4 hour time frame & Weekly time frame.

Daily time frame & Monthly time frame.

The lower the time frame combo, the shorter the time it will take for signal generation.

(Try this on a demo account first!)


  1. Firstly, allow the crossing to occur o the Upper window first,
  2. Wait till the same type of crossing occurs on the lower window and execute your trade.


TP and SL


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4 Replies to “How To Trade (Part 5)”

  1. Hi. this strategy looks promising. But i wish to clarify something: if for example i choose to trade using 1 min time frame, it means i will divide my screen into two, the 15 min time frame for observing the trend bias. But according to this strategy you first observe the trend bias on the bigger time frame, in this case 15 min, after the EMA 5 crossing above the EMA 200 with candle close. Then you observe same cross over on 1 min timeframe with candle close and you execute a trade. Instead i have noticed that cross over first occur on the 1 min time frame before happening on the 15 min time frame. please kindly enlighten me about this.

    1. 1 minute time frame is a noisy time frame, hence, cross over will happen many times. You need to wait for cross over on 15 minutes time frame before looking at the 1 minute time frame for similar cross over.

  2. Thanks sir, if the cross occur first on m5 before m30 must i need to wait for it to go back and cross again on m5, or when the cross has occur to one direction on both TF, i can execute trade

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