BeanFX Price Action Setup

BeanFX Price Action Setup BeanFX Price Action Setup page will introduce traders to strategies that are not indicator based (free of indicators). Basically, price action setup allow traders to read the market from a subjective point of view. Trade decisions are made on recent and actual price movement. Primarily, price […]

Price Interest Point (Pip): Price Measurement

The Pip Measurement A pip is the standardized unit amount of price movement or change in the rate of a currency pair in forex trading. It measures price movement just like weight is measured in gram or kilogram. It is generally used by Forex Traders to reference profit or loss. […]

The Market Price: Forex Currency Price

The Market Never Stops The market price is dynamic. It never stops (except when the market is closed). Price quote for currency pairs display in the form of a two-way quote. We have the bid price and the ask price. However, the bid price is the amount that traders will […]