The Bull and the Bear Markets: Market Sentiments

Bull and Bear Markets The bull market is a market where traders buy a currency against another while the bear market is where traders sell a currency against another currency. A market price that is going up can be described as a bullish market while the price that is falling […]

The Market Price: Forex Currency Price

The Market Never Stops The market price is dynamic. It never stops (except when the market is closed). Price quote for currencies displays in the form of a two-way quote. We have the bid price and the ask price. However, the bid price is the amount that traders will buy […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Forex Trading

Rules that Guide Traders There are rules to forex trading that must be strictly adhered to if one is to be a successful trader and these are; -View Forex trading as a business: Don’t see forex trading as a game, betting or gamble. See it as a skilled business that […]