EMA20-40 Strategy This strategy is an easy Exponential Moving Average trading strategy that traders can use on a daily basis. It combines two Meta Trader indicators to determine trade entry and exit signals. The indicators are Exponential Moving Averages EMA and Awesome Oscillator. Find below the EMA settings, also see the […]


New York Breakout Strategy The New York Breakout strategy is a simple strategy that traders use every trading day. The time considered for this strategy is exactly 16hrs after the market opens for the trading day. A demo account will be okay for practice or backtesting purposes before going live […]


EMA DIAGONAL ALIGNMENT STRATEGY This strategy combines two Meta Trader indicators to determine trade entry signals. The indicators are Exponential Moving Averages EMA and Awesome Oscillator. Below are the  EMA settings and the images below also show the necessary conditions before placing a buy or sell trade on any currency […]

Just Another Forex Trading Story

Just Another Forex Trading Story: Basically, a trader was once a beginner at some point in his/her trading life. ‘Forex trading is risky, it is like gambling’ are the words one is likely to hear from someone who does not know anything about this business. However, Forex trading story does […]

Trendline Breakout Strategy

Trendline Breakout Strategy TBS This strategy is a fantastic strategy that is commonly used in forex trading by experienced traders. Trendlines are lines drawn to connect two or more price wave turning points on a chart especially when a trend is formed. It is an important tool for Forex technical analysis […]

Harmonic Patterns

Harmonic Patterns Harmonic patterns play a crucial role in technical analysis as they help predict future price movements, making them an effective trading strategy that leverages Fibonacci retracement and extension ratios. However, the Fibonacci ratios for the analysis and measurement of Harmonic patterns are 0.382, 0.50, 0.786, 0.886, 1.27, 1.41, […]

Introducing the Pips-Beantrapper Indicator!

Pips-Beantrapper Signal The Pips-Beantrapper is a combination of signals from two Meta Trader indicators. The indicators are Stochastic Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator. The above indicators signal are combined with the position of the currency pair candle bar to the 5 Linear Weighted Moving Average.     Check Out Support and Resistance LONDON […]

Achievable End Of Year Target For Newbies

Achievable End Of Year Target For Newbies The achievable end of year profit target is analyzed in this article for new traders. Money management is one of the critical areas in Forex Trading that beginners should look seriously at when starting a trading career. Factors such as selection of the […]

How To Setup A Demo Trading Account – Strictly For Beginners!

How To Setup A Demo Account Recently, many people have asked me to teach them how to trade in the Forex market. However, one cannot trade Forex without having a forex trading account: which can either be a demo (demonstration) account or live/real account. This article will show you images of […]