How To Trade (Part 3)

“How To Trade (Part 3)” is an article that will assist many traders on a simple strategy that can be used to trade Forex or Volatility Index on the mobile device.

However, this very strategy is indicator based and it can be used on the Personal Computer as well as on the mobile device.



Basically, this strategy works on all time frames. You can use this strategy to trade XAUUSD, NASDAQ 100, GBP pairs, Boom and Crash index.


How To Trade Part 3



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Main Chart:

The indicators on the main chart are: Fractals (to identify price rejection area), and moving averages (5 EMA, Red line and 21 EMA Orange line)

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You will have a Buy signal when the Red cross above the Orange line.

On the other hand, you will have a Sell signal when the Red line cross below the Orange line.

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Indicator Window 1:

MACD and moving averages are the indicators on Indicator Window 1.


MACD settings are Fast EMA 12, Slow EMA 26 and MACD SMA 9.



Moving averages settings for Indicator Window 1 are as follows; 250 LWMA, 200 LWMA and 1 LWMA. Where LWMA is Linear Weight Moving Average.


Uptrend starts when the Red line ( 1 LWMA) cross up above the Purple and Blue lines (200 and 250 LWMA).

Ont the other hand, Downtrend occurs when the Red cross down on the Purple and Blue lines.



Indicator Window 2:

Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages are the indicators available on Indicator Window 2.






When the Red and the Green lines (3 and 5 EMAs) cross down on the Black line (200 EMA), you have a Sell trigger.

However, when the Red and Green lines cross up on the Black line, you have a Buy trigger.


(Try this on a demo account first!)


  1. Firstly, allow the Red line to cross the Orange line on the Main chart,
  2. Allow the trend to form on Indicator Window 1, by allowing the Red line to cross the Purple and Blue lines,
  3. Ensure you have Buy or Sell trigger on Indicator Window 2 (after conditions 1 and 2 above have been met) before you execute your trade(s).

TP and SL


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8 Replies to “How To Trade (Part 3)”

  1. I watched the video attached to this strategy, and noticed some things which are not clear to me at 06:01; 06:15; 06:31; 06:40 (video), there was a cross for a buy trade on the window 2 indicator but the Red line was still below 200,250 lines on Indicator window 1. But around 07:31 you said we must allowed all to aligned (Main chart and the indicator windows) Must all aligned before one could place buy/sell trades or what?

    1. Yes and no. At times, two may align (Main chart and Indicator Window 2) before the third one align and the signal will still be valid. Whereas, in some scenarios, the three will align at once. Kindly use your personal judgement when making your final decision. Observe price volatility or velocity, combine same with candlestick patterns formed.

  2. It`s very very rare having someone like you in the forex industry dishing out great information, strategies upon strategies for the progress of others, God Almighty will uphold you and your family. You shall not fall, you shall continue to wax stronger and stronger (Amen)

  3. Ever since i started following your strategies, my trading has greatly improved. i now know how to book profits.
    thanks a lot man,

    God bless

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